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27 October 2015 @ 07:47 pm
Fanmix: In Living Color - A Liv Moore Mix  
Title: In Living Color
Medium: TV
Fandom: iZombie
Subject: Olivia (Liv) Moore
Warnings: Spoilers through 1.13 “Blaine’s World.”
Notes: Each track corresponds to Liv building her post-infection world throughout season one, without the brain-of-the-week effects. (The album is sequenced in episode order.)

one. 99 Problems – Hugo (Jay-Z cover) (Pilot)
tip my hat to the sun in the west / feel the beat right in my chest / at the crossroads a second time / make the devil change his mind / it's a pound of flesh but it's really a ton / 99 problems and a bitch ain’t one

two. Chai – Sunny Ali & the Kid (Brother, Can You Spare a Brain?)
through the days of emotionless changes in seasons / they want you believing the oceans divide / they occupy your mind

three. Know Til Now – Jim James (The Exterminator)
lost in the world / it seemed / caught at a loss for words / i didn’t know til now / how could i have known
four. Action/Reaction – Choir of Young Believers (Liv and Let Clive)
she is a monument / and everyone is talking / like a vision it's all crystal clear / a change of mind and then a change of position / did we ever honestly believe / watching dead bodies and bombs falling from the sky / nothing's gonna change, nothing is ever gonna change

five. Flushed Chest – Joan As Police Woman (Flight of the Living Dead)
i saw you so early in the whiskey dark / your eyes were brightest black you were not going back / it was your living / it's your song / from the past it was back / for the start of your laughter

six. Heart It Races – Dr. Dog (Architecture in Helsinki cover) (Virtual Reality Bites)
and lately you've been tanned / suspicious for the winter with your / boom-dadadadadadada boom-dadadada / legs like little splinters / and we're slow to acknowledge the knots in the laces / heart it races

seven. Tessellate – alt-J (Maternity Liv)
triangles are my favourite shape / three points where two lines meet / toe to toe back to back let's go / my love it's very late / ‘til morning comes let's tessellate

eight. Coming Down – Halsey (Dead Air)
i found a martyr / he told me that i'd never / with his educated eyes / and his head between my thighs / i found a savior / i don't think he remembers / 'cause he's off to pay his crimes / and he's got no time for mine

nine. Wolf & I – Oh Land (Patriot Brains)
before the world you know was like it is / i held a lover once and i was his / and we walked along the river in the sun / but he's a lonely man so this was done / the only place we had to meet is night

ten. New Skin – Torres (feat. Sharon Van Etten and The War On Drugs) (Mr Berserk)
lay off me would ya / i’m just tryin to take this new skin for a spin / … / who’s that tryin to speak for me

eleven. Other Side – Metric (Astroburger)
and all i want is to feel like all i got / didn’t cost me everything / even if i never win / who am i on the other side / you were mine on the other side

twelve. Undertow – Warpaint (Dead Rat, Live Rat, Brown Rat, White Rat)
let tonight pass us by / do you really want to be the one to fight / and i said you're better not to light that fire / it will take you to the darkest part of the weather

thirteen. Myth – Beach House (Blaine’s World)
can’t keep hanging on / to all that’s dead and gone / if you build yourself a myth / know just what to give

listen here
feeling kinda: soresore
background noise: Chai - Sunny Ali & the Kid